Conscience Bleue is an invitation to explore the ocean

Let me take you to the encounter of mythical marine animals in their environment
for an exceptional experience of the living treasures that inhabit the sea.

In addition to marine encounters, each sojourn includes :
freediving workshops, scientific presentations on diverse marine subjects, and yoga classes.

Gaïane De Brabanter

Biologist - specialized in marine mammals’ behaviour
SSI freediving instructor and PADI rescue diver
Underwater photographer

The ocean is a wonderful place for growth, and I have always had a close relationship with it despite growing up in a landlocked, urban environment. At age 13, I swam with wild bottlenose dolphins and choose to dedicate my studies to better understand their mind and fascinating lives.

Fast forward 10 years, I pencil the last full stop to my masters thesis on social learning behaviours in Atlantic spotted dolphins, the result of a scientific research project with Dr. Denise Herzing (founder of the Wild Dolphin Project in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. The publication is available here.

Shortly after, I dedicate several months to immerse myself in marine species’ natural habitat, with professional underwater camera gear to document their beauty and sensitivity. Blue sharks, blacktip sharks, mysterious seven-gilled sharks, humpback whales, kelp forests, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins, school of fishes, tropical coral fish … The more marine species I spend time with, the more I understand them, and the more I understand myself. Through freediving, the ancient art of diving on one breath, I realize just how well-adapted the body is to water thanks to a series of wonderful physiological adaptations pinnacled upon the mammalian dive reflex.

Happiness is only real when it is shared so I set up Conscience Bleue: an umbrella project under which fall my aquatic passions and whose objective is to provide personalized marine encounters of a lifetime in the form of trips and positive ocean experiences through underwater photography.