Explore the Ocean

Wild marine animals encounters

On their terms, on one breath.

Gaïane De Brabanter

Marine biologist and anthropologist, specialized in dolphin behaviours
Freediving instructor and underwater photographer
ICC qualified

The ocean is a wonderful place for growth, and I have always had a close relationship with it despite growing up in a landlocked, urban environment. At age 13, a transcendent encounter with a wild bottlenose dolphin prompted me to better understand their mind and fascinating lives. I read an undergraduate degree in natural sciences and a masters degree on animal behaviour, then published my masters thesis on social learning behaviours in Atlantic spotted dolphins with Dr. Denise Herzing (founder of the Wild Dolphin Project) here.

Eager to document beauty under the surface, I started shooting with a professional camera, logging more and more hours in the water. My underwater photography portfolio is available here. The more marine species I spend time freediving with, the more I understand them, myself and others. I became a freediving instructor and my desire to teach drove me to set up Conscience Bleue in 2017, whereby I facilitate a healthy connection between guests and marine mammals.

Conscience Bleue is, in essence, time in the water together with legendary marine mammals. It is for those who have a desire to respectfully encounter wild spinner dolphins, mighty humpback whales, incredible coral reefs, but also and simply themselves through freediving. It is a time that brings perspective on our place in the natural world, beyond words and duality, one that seeks the best possible coherence between brain and heart through an experience of connection with ourselves and the life around us. In addition to our time in the water, dry workshops tailored to each encounter experience, such as yoga and conferences are offered.  

More recently, I read a masters degree in anthropology. My thesis research addressed human and dolphin encounters in the Red Sea and its publication will be available soon.