Encounter spinner dolphins

From 9th until 16th of July 2022 in Sataya Bay

A sojourn in Egypt with wild spinner dolphin encounters in the Red Sea.

With Sea Dolphin travel agency


  • Informal evening talks and discussions about the local environment
  • Swimming and freediving with spinner dolphins
  • Underwater tracking and coral reef exploration
  • Yin Yoga

Day 1 – Saturday 9th of July

Transfer to Hamata Marina
Embarkment + welcome speech
First night aboard

Day 2 – Sunday 10th of July

2-hour traverse trip from Hamata Marina to Sataya Bay
Breakfast + safety briefing
Dolphin swim and/or dolphin apnea
Dolphin swim + yoga
Evening presentation

Day 3 – Monday 11th of July

And the following days (Tuesday 12th of July, Wednesday 13th of July, Thursday 14th of November) are dedicated to the same activities until Friday 15th of July which will mark our last night aboard.

Day 8 – Saturday 16st of July

Departure from Sataya Bay at dawn and 2-hour traverse trip to Hamata Marina
Transfer to airport
Return flight

The daily schedule will be made available every morning aboard and will depend on the dolphins’ presence in the bay. While there is a 99% likelihood the wild spinners enter the bay during the week, we work around their behavior to minimize the impact of our presence in the water on their daily cycle as much as possible.

The activities on offer include :

  • Several outings on the Zodiac per day to swim with wild dolphins accompanied with local guides
  • Time to track marine fauna and explore Sataya’s extraordinary coral reefs
  • An initiation to freediving with theory, and training sessions on dry or in water. Freediving is a wonderful tool to discover oneself and the marine environment
  • Yin Yoga sessions. Yin Yoga is a calm and relaxing physical practice that naturally induce the balancing of body energies, restores the body’s systems and increase breath volume
  • Presentations on the local fauna and flora with slideshow, followed by discussions

Each activity offered is optional and you are welcome to join whichever suits you best.


1450 € (excl. flights)


Gaïane De Brabanter

Gaïane is a freediving instructor (SSI), yoga instructor (YA 200-h) and marine biologist (Edinburgh university) with an eye for underwater images. A close encounter with a wild dolphin as a child set her on the path she walks today.

Frédéric Chotard

Creator of Dolphin Apnea and freediver since 1994, he is also a trained practitioner in watsu, wata, relaxation techniques and aquatic massages and has been accompanying people in Sataya Bay for over 17 years.